Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Red Car and Blue Car Kids Games Part 2

The players sit in a circle and pretend to be mechanics repairing cars.

A toy car can be present for a visual.

A leader is chosen, and everyone in the group get a name Red Car, Blue Car, Black Car, Yellow Car, Brown Car, etc.

The leader then takes the toy car and pretends to examine the work which is supposed to have been done by the mechanics. He is supposed to discover something that wasn't fixed right and asks: "Who did it, Blue Car?" The person named "Blue Car" immediately answers: "Not me." the leader says "Who then?" the "Blue Car" mechanic says "Yellow Car" Yellow Car must then answer in the same manner and name another mechanic.

If the mechanic doesn't realize his name has been called then he is out of the game.

This game is intended to be fast paced, the results will be very entertaining to the players and anyone watching.

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