Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cards Against Humanity – Also known as CAH!

CAH (Cards Against Humanity) is simply one of the best party games. It’s not explicitly a drinking game, but its humorous and adding drinking game rules to this card game makes it even better. We’ve played a lot of CAH and came up with a couple drinking rules, we decided to share it in this list of card drinking games. This card game is like a politically incorrect version of Apples to Apples, and sometimes gets downright crude. If you are able to tolerate the sensitive material then your party will definitely be laughing and having fun.

The gameplay is straight forward, everyone gets a starting hand of playing cards. A dealer rotates clockwise selecting a black card from the deck and he or she is the judge for that round. Everyone else plays one of their best cards face down, to match with the black card. Then the judge reviews and reads aloud all the anonymous submissions, selecting a winner. The winner of the round gets the black card and the game continues. The winning condition is when someone collects a pre-set amount of black cards. There are expansion packs that are highly recommended, because the more cards in the mix, the more creative combinations can occur.

We have a couple of drinking rules to go along with it, which makes it just that much more fun. Our favorite drinking rule is to have the winner of the round have to take a drink. This works out well, because players are incentivized to win the round, but it will come with the cost of sobriety J. Another drinking rule to try, is for the judge to also pick a “worst” submission for the round, and that person must take a shot or drink. We like this one because it adds another dimension for the judging part of the game.

Overall this is one of the best games recommended for a drinking party. Check it out and post your best card combinations in the comments!

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