Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pleepleus Card Drinking Games (Waterproof Playing Cards)

At first I was skeptical of buying yet another deck of cards to add to my collection. However, after checking these out, I was pretty pleased with the product, and now I don’t have to worry about ruining my other card decks while drinking and playing!

The cards are thick and durable, and the waterproof coating holds up to pretty extensive spills. For a test, we soaked a few of the cards in a bowl of water for five minutes, and they came out good as new. Not bad!

The set also includes a tin for traveling as well as instructions for 10 drinking games the likes of which probably won’t surprise you but are always good in a pinch. King’s Cup can always get interesting! Of course the ability for these cards to be used for any drinking card game you can come up with is where they prove their worth as a staple for any party.

Game: Pleepleus Card Drinking Games (Waterproof Playing Cards)
Players: Varies
Difficulty: Easy
Review: 4/5

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